Jeff  Merryweather

18th February 1961 - 14th September 1983.

22 Years old.

A great Lighting Designer and Operator.

Sadly Missed by all of us.

Here you are on the www Jeff.  You always said to me

"Will I be remembered after I'm gone ?"

ABOVE PICTURE is with Sister and Mother 1983 - New Zealand.

Here is Jeff with his Sister in New Zealand in 1983.

Here is Jeff with his Sister and Brother in New Zealand in 1983.

Jeff was born in New Zealand from a British Father and New Zealand Mother.

23rd February 1983 N.Z. Newspaper report below

I first met you not long after you had come from New Zealand with your father. It was very early 1970's  and about early 1973 you answered an advertisement in the local newspaper for a "lighting operator" for a disco and dance operator for Psychedelic Dance Shows. And it turned out that you lived only a few streets away from me ( in Pymble - Sydney ) so it was very convenient.

So we met and I met your parents and we talked and became best friends - I had a lot of time for your father - I really liked him - He had a good work ethic - and the next thing I knew was that you were working for me full time ( apart from school ) and when you were to leave school your father wanted you to join the navy ( and you wanted to join the navy ) but you were not able to due to the entrance exam so ( your father and you ) asked me if  I would apprentice you to do an Electricial training and I said I could as I was a NSW Electricial Qualified Contractor. You had a natural ability to be very creative and adaptive and showed this very early on. You worked for me  in the early 1970-Late 1970's .

Jeff did the lighting for the Simon and Garfunkel show in New Zealand in 1983.

Jeff did the lighting for many overseas artists. He was working for Hall and Oates in 1983.

He could have gone on to do lighting for almost anyone.

An Amazing Lighting Person.

Jeff in 1982